Protecting Pedo Joe’s “progressive” deviants

(((Erhlich))) is right!

Pedo Joe's deviant

The university auditorium IS a private place … IF you are a member of the “progressive” deviant classes; pedos, homos, furries, MAPs, drag queenies, BDSM artists … and assorted faggots.

If the Imperial GloboHomo Power does not stop this damned Russkies, they will soon publish videos of Karma Sutra Harris and Weinie Brown singing …

“Blowing Semen in the Wind”

On how many loads must a woman kneel down
Before you call her a hoe, man
How many sucks must an off white pluck
Before she sleeps with the band
Yes, ‘n’ how many times must she let the balls fly
Before they’re forever tanned
The answer, my friend, is semen blowin’ in the wind
The answer is semen blowin’ in the wind