The Leo Frankists and Racism

The marginalization and /or oppression of people based on a socially contracted a racial hierarchy that privileges white-jewish people.”


Nah, Nah, Nah …. I meant …

… the REAL definition of racism as promulgated by the highest authorities at the ADL – the Anti-Defamation of Leo Frank group.



Wrong again.

The AD Leo Frankists just (24-hours ago) “memory holed” the above definition.

Now we have the correct, “rectified” definition of REAL racism:



The rough draft said: “Racism occurs when individuals or institutions give more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual based on their semitic race or ethnicity.”

Then the Specialists, with long-experience working at, in and with the Ministry of Truth, showed up and “rectified” everything.

The Ministry of Truth is NeoCohenia’s propaganda ministry. It handles any necessary “reformulation” of historical events. The word truth in the title Ministry of Truth is, what the “Ministry” will self-serve as the NeoCohenite’s party’s own “truth”. The title implies the willful “leading” of posterity using “historical” archives to show “in fact” what “really” happened.

“Who Controls the Past Controls the Future”

Big Brother (Joseph Visarionovich Djewghashvili)


Leo Frank

The inspiration for the ADL was an AshkeNazi, racist negro hater, serial sexual-harasser, rapist, murderer and poisoner.

A real ADL Hero!

But, sadly “holocausted” by antisemites.

Leo and the sexy dead Shiksa_!