VAXXed Terminator runs a red light

Arnold Schwarzenigger gets the VAXX in August.


“Go with him, if you want to live … in the AFTER life.”


He then says Freedom should be Terminated for the VAXX resistance.


Next Arnie runs a red light at breakneck speed, trying to Terminate two innocent civilians.

Arnold was driving his big gas guzzling Yukon.

I guess that whole electric vehicle push from him was just … publicity.

And I thought he was friends with the Gretard.


The woman who was driving the hybrid … was “bleeding heavily from her head” as an ambulance rushed her to the hospital.

On the plus side, the VAXX may be Terminating Arnie soonish:

“Look at the photo again and look at Arnold’s ankles, they are very swollen, strongly indicating that he has heart failure or cardiac issues.”