70 years of shite


You may remember that during our conversations, I said, probably quite a few times, that the Russians were “immune” to Feminism, Political Correctness (a Bolshevik expression: politicheskaya correctness), etc.

They had 70 years of that shite.

They have gone through it and it cost the lives of millions of people.

Solzhenitsyn number is 66 million; BUT he includes the people that WOULD have been born.

Whatever, we are talking of dozens of millions. Even more millions in China, where the present regime is fighting the PC disease ; feminism, effeminate boys (i.e. faggots) ….

We in the West are going through what the Russians went through in the 20s (then the Stalinists crushed the Trotskyites) and in the 30s in Germany (there the National Socialists crushed the (((International))) Socialists).

Vlad the Impaler, Putin, is quite aware of this.

Here is the speech Donald Trump, OR whomever is claiming become the Leader of Conservatism SHOULD make.

It makes one wonder WHY no one, not ONE Conservative,  is making this kind of speech:


I do NOT have answer to this wondering of mine,


PS       On a further rant, this disease predates the Bolsheviks.

The Bolsheviks saw themselves and were the heirs of the Jacobins.

During the French Revolution, there was also a Sex Revolution.

The Marquis de Sade plays were every popular … until Napoleon took power.