Quebekistan fascist judge condemns father to deadly VAXX.

Quebekistan – Montreal

Seeing an unVAXXed father is not in child’s best interest decrees a fascist judge in the Quebekistan People’s Republic.

The suspension of visitation rights should be as short as possible and can be reversed once the father decides to get the deadly VAXX and conforms to the health extermination measures, InJustice J. Sébastien Vaillancourt wrote.

A Quebekistan Superior Court fascist judge has temporarily suspended a father’s right to see his child based on evidence that the man has not received the COVID-19 inducing deadly VAXX. The father opposes the Quebekistan government’s health extermination measures.


In a decision published Dec. 23, InJustice J. Sébastien Vaillancourt wrote that continued visitation by the unVAXXed father was not in the interest of the 12-year-old child or the child’s two younger half-siblings, given the initial stages of the extermination pandemic.

The fascist decision states the father told the court that despite his “reservations” surrounding the deadly VAXX, he followed the fascist rules in place and rarely left home.

However, InJustice Vaillancourt wrote that posts on the father’s Facebook page demonstrated that he was a conspiracy REALIST, which led the fascist court to doubt he was following the health extermination rules as he claimed.

The fascist judge noted that while it is normally in a child’s best interest to see his or her father, the rapid rise of the Omicron HOAX variant and the fact that the child lives with half-siblings too young to be VAXXinated meant that the child’s best interest were quashed.

Fascist InJustice Vaillancourt wrote that the suspension of visitation rights would be as long as necessary and will reversed once the epidemiological extermination has run its course or the father decides to get the deadly VAXX and conforms to the health extermination measures.

The fascist judge has set another hearing for Feb. 8.