Canuckistan’s Pravda is memory holing words

The CBC (Canuckistan Broadcasting Corporation) the Pravda of the People’s Republic of Canuckistan is memory holing some words deemed “offensive” by the Woketards who control it and who rule the Republic.


As an animal spirited initiative of social consciousness raising, I humbly suggest improvements to the words that are putting a bonnet way up the Wokies’ rear ends.

Without further ado:

Ghetto – ghet-it-to

to sell someone down the river – to deal someone up the river

blackmail – melanin mail

savage – feral

brainstorm – mindstorm

spooky – ghosty

powwow – bowwow

tribe – clanned

crippled – scribbled

black sheep – melanin sheep

first world – developed world

spirit animal – animal spirit

problem – probe ‘m

lame – handycapped

tone deaf – stone deaf

grandfathered in – holyspirited in