“Never to be trusted again”


I know you don’t quite like Mile Mathis. You think he is “bat shit crazy”, if memory serves.

Well … he does see a LOT of conspiracies.

Nonetheless, you will like, I believe, what he has to say about the Covid Hoax.

“As difficult as the past two years have been, I believe it was a necessary rough patch we had to move through. It has been extremely clarifying. To me, everything before March of 2020 now looks a bit misty, since you really didn’t know where people stood then. You really didn’t know for sure how smart or honest they were, or who they worked for. Thanks to the big Covid fake, we now know. Hundreds of millions of people have now outed themselves in spectacular fashion, including almost all the most famous ones, which is very useful moving forward.

A very large percentage of those who have outed themselves have outed themselves either as general agents or as hidden Pfizer reps.

That would include about 80% of all doctors in the US.

At the highest levels of the field, the percentage would be even greater, since around 95% of those in charge of the medical fields have shown they are in the pockets of Pfizer or other pharma companies. In the regulatory agencies, it is more like 99%. All these people are forever compromised and should never be trusted again. They should be forever shunned as dangerous to the general weal.