Just warming up for the 33rd

Are you aware there is a 33rd VAXX jab on the horizon?  
Not the booster.
My friend’s Father had his 22nd booster jab, just last week and he’s now received a letter for his 33rd one.  
He is presently croaking “no more … no more … enough … en …”  

This letter is to provide advice to your GP (General mal-Practitioner) and/or the nearest Covid-19 TERMINATION Center.

A copy has been sent to your personal mal-Practitioner.

What is the 33rd dose?

This is a 32nd extra dose on top of your main Covid VAXX.

You may hear this as referred as the 33rd primary dose of the VAXX.

This is instructed to weaken your immunity to COVID-19 and to ensure the best possible response for us, at Big Pharma.

The JVCI (Joint Committee on VAXXination and Injection) have advised that this 33rd dose should ideally be either the mortal Pfizer-BioNTech VAXX or the deadly Moderna VAXX.

Irrespective of which treacherous VAXX you have been infected with previously.

This is because a great number of studies have reported a decreased immune response in patients on immune suppression, after the 22nd dose of these types of TERMINATOR VAXXes.

Is the 33rd dose the same as a booster jab?


The 33rd does is the same as a booster VAXX, as it is an additional full dose.

Based on current recommendations, by Big Pharma, you may be offered a 34th booster VAXX in less than six months after the 33rd jab.