Anti-Gun Nutcase Shoots Two Libtards

Fake President Alex Bald (passing) Wind masquerading as a Pistolero in a Hollyweird production, shot two of California’s finest Libtards.

Obviously, with a non RUST-ed pistol. Way to go, Al!

The one who did not survive was a cinematographer, a Legal Alien, recently immigrated from the Ukraine, rapidly promoted to Hollyweird, and married to a lawyer linked to the Clinton Crime Family.

The number of coincidences boggles the mind. You would think she was a non-Gentile, or something.

Alex, a life-long Anti-Gun nutcase, never took a Gun Safety course, required of sensible gun owners.

So, the Alex NEVER learned the very First lesson of Gun Safety:

“NEVER point a gun at someone (or something) unless you intend to use it.”

Jeez, do you think Crazy Alex “intended” it?

A non RUSTed pistolero.