Another Feminist Victory in the City of Love

It is now clear that Feminism has succeeded in raising the consciousness of males through its prolonged process of re-education.


Males, boys and men, now know that stronk feminist women can handle themselves.

Anything a man can do, a women can do it in half the time, even with one hand behind her back.

Offering up help and assistance to a woman is sexist, condescending, misogynist and part of the toxic masculinity behavior to be abolished.

Police said the woman is … “unbelievably strong.”

Recently, on a public transit train, in the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love a stronk feminist woman, flaunting her boisterous sexuality, was being lovingly, culturally, and otherwise, ENRICHED by one of Joe Biden’s recent batch of DIE-verse immigrants.

Men knew that offering to interfere in the enrichment of the feminist would be deemed sexist, misogynist and oppressive; it would also be racist, as the ENRICHER s a member of the melanin enhanced protected classes.

So, like good left wing “progressives”, the enlightened feminist males observed, filmed (and, perhaps, secretly enjoyed) the DIE-verse ENRICHMENT process happening in public.

America has made so much progress in so little time under Feminism.

We are all in awe of the positive changes.

Under Feminism EVERYBODY WINS!

Doesn’t that modern tale of progress in action warm your heart?

From The DIEtroit Newspaper:

FIST-ON the n-GOY … told police the encounter was consensual …

Moral of the story:

ALWAYS believe the DIE-verse ENRICHER!

FIST-ON the n-GOY 35: DIE-verse, melanin enhanced, cultural ENRICHER