the anti-Covid vaccine is the lethal weapon

No. You can’t talk, and do you know why? 

You will inevitably come to say something bad about the vaccine, and you can’t. 

First of all, because the colleagues are all vaccinated, and therefore admitting that the vaccine is bad for them would be worth admitting to be life threatening every day. 

Therefore, a priori they do not accept this version of the facts: they made the choice to vaccinate themselves with their eyes closed, without inquiring beforehand, as if their health had the same value as an object bought on the street. 

If you speak ill of the vaccine you put them in trouble with themselves.

Again, the same psychological mechanism: could they ever admit to themselves that they have treated their health so lightly?

They never would.

 The 118 doctor breaks the silence:

“On the most fragile, the anti-Covid vaccine is the lethal weapon”

CDC exclusive interview with ambulance doctor “the death rate from adverse effects is 70%” a real killing, covered up by doctors who do not report, for agnosia and uncritical belief in drugs. Because from the bites they earn double, while the 118 is progressively dismantled.

Emergency doctors outside an emergency room

All walls, even the most solid, sooner or later crumble. Even that of silence. And when it happens, we realize that one person, only one, was enough to remain human. The person who testified to us what you are about to read is a highly experienced 118 doctor, you may have seen her in one of the many television clips, dressed as a diver to support those left to wait for death with sips of paracetamol , or crossed in the street while going with sirens blaring. It is true, many doctors’ voices have been raised against the blackmail of compulsory vaccination since the beginning of the year, but never before has a real insider been exposed ,one of those who daily treats both cases of Covid and those of adverse effects from vaccines. One that really lives in hospitals, in contact with everything the media hide from us, starting with the fact that these anti-Covid “vaccines” are lethal for the most fragile. Yes, the very ones on which the third doses are being done right now. What he told us sadly confirms our worst expectations: we hope it will be the first step to talk about the vaccination campaign as a real state massacre, the worst in Italian history. Because it’s not about one, two or three bombs, they’ve poisoned millions of people here forever. In addition to an almost total occupation of hospitals by private lobbyists, which will soon lead to the dismantling of the public emergency service, 118. And the fact that there are doctors likethis person , who have not let themselves be silenced by the fear of losing their caste privileges, who have not accepted uncritically the passage of medicine from science in the service of man to man in the service of science, fills our hearts with pride. And it makes us feel lucky to have met, in the darkest part of this night of civilization, a real doctor.

MD Doctor, what are the most troubling events you have witnessed during your 118 service from January 2021 to today?

They started by changing the words. Previously, those with previous illnesses were defined as “at risk”, which clearly denoted the fact that a whole series of drugs or treatments that were suitable for a healthy person, put these subjects at risk of serious adverse reactions. On the basis of the clinical history of the individual subject, the degree of risk with respect to the intake of a certain substance was established. Today there are no longer people at risk: they have created a very wide category that includes everyone, and includes various pathologies, i“Fragile”, like glasses and plates. This change of terms has completely reversed the situation: the frail go away with a breath of wind, they must be protected and immunized as soon as possible and before everyone else, and any drug, even experimental and dangerous, is fine for them. The “frail” group includes all those who had previous pathologies, such as diabetics, hypertension, cardiac, kidney and liver patients. In my experience as an emergency doctor I have found with certainty that “fragile” subjects , who have an organism already intoxicated, when they receive Covid vaccines go immediately to the other world. Or at least, it is difficult for them not to go there.

MD In your experience, how many?

In my experience as an ambulance doctor in my local ASL, mortality for frail people is about 70%.

MD Are you saying that 7 out of 10 “fragile” people who suffer the adverse effects of the so-called anti-Covid vaccines, die from them?

Exactly. We can say that these vaccines are making a clean sweep of all the fragile. Now I bring you an example from the last hospitalization I did. We went to the home of a person who already had his ailments: heart disease, chronic obstructive bronchitis for years, and nevertheless vaccinated with a double dose. The latter disease, COPD in jargon, flared up after the administration of the vaccine. The patient had 88% oxygen saturation accompanied by strange tonic-clonic shocks. Since it was not an epileptic subject, I thought it must be an acidosis due to the fact that the oxygen tank to which it was attached was at a very low level; therefore I took her to the hospital, as I thought the patient was metabolically decompensated. That was until we took her to the ER.

The rest of the story I learned from a colleague who works at the PO but who comes to replace us in an ambulance. The patient had a pleural effusion, a pericardial effusion, capillary leak syndrome (CLS), practically the patient was losing serosity from all capillary districts. So I believe that to this day she has already passed away, even if I will find out tomorrow, when I am on duty.

But I can already say that the tonic-clonic shocks, which I thought were due to metabolic acidosis, had completely different causes, because the acidosis was immediately compensated in the ER with bicarbonate, oxygen etc. but, although the oxygenation began to rise, the tremors persisted. So it is my opinion that it was a neurotoxin toxicity from the Covid vaccine, which colleagues do not recognize, because none of them went to inform. After all, even us ambulance doctors, if I dare to venture a suspicion of diagnosis, they take me for crazy. For colleagues, the vaccine cannot give contraindications, there is just a gap, a void. They just don’t go looking for the symptom. Likethey told us at the university, a disease you don’t know is a disease that doesn’t exist, meaning that if you don’t go looking for the symptoms, you can’t make the diagnosis.

RV This is why in Lazio we have made access to the records of vaccine side effects, and from January to today we are witnessing an exponential decline in reports, because hospitals decide a priori that there is no correlation. The report does not start from the clinic.

No, do you understand? The official data that comes out is that there are no side effects, there are one in eight million. I can say without hesitation that this is not true, because in every single shift I do in the ambulance I get at least one in these conditions.

MD Are the symptoms always the same?

More or less yes: I am reminded of a strange correlation with a previous episode, which has stuck with me. Man, 44, did the cleaning in the ASL. When I receive the call, “Neurologico” comes out on the tablet, I arrivethere and I find him lying on the ground, he kept his eyes open but he was unconscious. Now, a stroke in a 44-year-old man must make you suspicious, if you are a doctor. You can’t say “he had high blood pressure” … I know how it turned out, because a relative of the patient, who does the same job as him, stays with us. A cyst in the brain stem that was reactivated after the vaccine. Indeed it was activated, because the man had always had it, but now an edematous area had formed around it, which is what made us find it on the floor in those conditions. Just recently I asked for updates on the case: it is now slowly recovering, but has a conspicuous swelling on the back of the neck that has been drained.

MD Earlier you reported an alarming percentage of fatal cases in the number of cases classified as “neurological”, all of which occurred following the administration of the drugs Comirnaty (Pfizer), SpikeVax (Moderna), VaxZeviria (AstraZeneca) or Janssen (J&J). In your 118 experience, when did these kinds of cases start to increase?

Look, I can tell you that before we used to intervene for different types of situations, now they are all neurological. A gradual and inexorable increase that began in January 2021.

LB These deaths you talk about, in what time frame do they take place with respect to the administration of the vaccine, the first or second dose? Can a consistency be identified?

[Reflects] Let’s say it usually happens in the medium term, two or three months later. [turns to Dr. Varvara] Do you know?

RV Yes, it turns out to me too, in my experience as a nurse. And this also makes it difficult to first hypothesize and then predict a correlation.

The cause-effect link is difficult to establish. Because then it seems studied at a table: each of these dies from the flare-up of things he already had. Therefore, these drugs kill in a subtle way, because the tip of the iceberg, the one you see above the sea, are the previous pathologies; the largest part, the one that is not seen, consists in the administration of these experimental drugs, which has caused the revitalization and resurgence of these pathologies.

MD Is it as if with the administration of the Covid experimental sera the immune system lowers its defenses, stopping to fight these pathologies that it had previously stabilized?

Just this morning I read, in the group of the Sardinia region of a chat of doctors to which I belong, that two colleagues have lost their mother to the same problem: a lymphoma, in both cases cured, which returned after the vaccine. “They killed them,” they are saying.

MD But none of your colleagues, in the ASL or in the hospital, has noticed this phenomenon? Did they ask themselves any questions?

But I’m explaining it to you, it’s not that they don’t care, for them it’s inconceivable the very idea that there could be any correlation. Yesterday I was talking to a member of the union, because we are fighting for 118, because we emergency doctors are undergoing treatment from the ASL that is unbelievable. You may not imagine it, but 118 is a service that is slowly and progressively being dismantled. Yet we are the ones on the front line, those of the famous white overalls that everyone has seen, but we know what it means to wear them, to suffer from unbearable heat, to end up on the ground when you have low blood pressure. And with those on , after taking Covid patients to the hospital,to make long journeys and endless waits under the sun, me and my nurse on duty, to have the ambulance sanitized , when sometimes eight other vehicles were waiting in front of us, because obviously the station was one in the whole city.

Well, I was on the phone with a former 118 trade unionist colleague, who was very clear: «The FIMMG has embraced the cause of vaccines. We believe in it. If you didn’t, you’d be the only person in the whole union who didn’t. ” and I, who know that it is not true, that not all colleagues are vaccinated, I understood one thing, which I later found out: he resigned from 118 because now he also gives the injections. And there they get 5,000 euros a month, which is almost double what he got when he worked with us.

MD And then the usual debunkers say it’s a hoax that vaccinating doctors earn more.

No, they work a shift for certain hours, and the ASL doesn’t give anything for nothing, so I think it will be 36 or 42 hours a week.

MD With respect to the question of the adverse effects you have witnessed, have you noticed any common traits that led you to lead them to the administration of experimental drugs called “Covid vaccines”? How did you know they were vaccinated?

When I arrive at the surgery, the first thing I ask is whether they are vaccinated or not. Because vaccinated people scare me, things can happen to them that I don’t expect, anything. Think you know some acupuncturists who say they do not want the Covid vaccinated, because, in the exact words of one of them, “he can get a cuddly treat during the session, and I pay the consequences”. But we emergency doctors cannot make any distinctions, ours is a service aimed at all citizens. The common trait you were asking me about, I identified in this CLS syndrome, that is, the loss of fluids from the capillaries. A disease classified as rare, but whose incidence, at least in my experience, has increased dramatically since the carpet administration of these drugs began. The capillaries are in some way damaged by these drugs, and therefore lose serosity. It happened to me even in patients who had never had problems of this type, to find them with ascites [accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity Ed.]. But what you ask for can only be had with thorough autopsies, and in the case of suspected vaccine deaths, to preserve the spike protein, they should be done within 72 hours of death.

MD How are you and your colleagues experiencing the blackmail of the green pass, considering that you have been the forerunners, with DL 44, of the current coercive policies of DL 111?

There was no resistance , they are all vaccinated. And who, doctor or not, believes that he can normally go on with tampons, believing that they hurt less, is wrong. I see swabs done almost every day, and it’s a real rape. When I see children do them, I have to go, I can’t do it. And I am helpless in the face of the will of the parents.

VR Has it ever happened that your colleagues withheld assistance or made negative comments towards hospitalized patients who did not get the vaccine?

Be ‘, I often see nurses’ acceptance and a kind back and forth on a rampage screaming, “My goodness! This is not vaccinated! ” and flaunting the certainty that the swab will be positive, but I can’t tell you what happens next, because I don’t go beyond that department.

RV Those of you who don’t get vaccinated will be suspended from service if they haven’t already. What impact will this have on health services due to citizenship and on the right to health? Who will replace the unvaccinated?

You have seen that 118 will not last that long, all the actions of the ASL management throughout Italy denote the clear intention to dismantle it completely. The situation is extremely chaotic. Before the doctors could not be suspended, then they can be suspended but not from the order, then they can exercise, but not in presence. Yeah, if you remember, in the first wave, we treated people over the phone. Now we will go back to doing it.

RV How did you cure patients Covid during the first wave?

I have dealt with just over a hundred of them. They are all healed. We treated them with Azithromycin and Ivermectin, and if we treated them at the beginning of the disease, they would get out of bed in three days, while when we were already taking them at an advanced stage, it took longer. I have also treated many of them with homeopathy, accompanied by high-dose vitamins C and D. One thing is certain: I have not hospitalized anyone, Covid patients can be treated very well at home.

MD So in your experience, out of 10 Covid patients, 10 recovered; out of 10 adverse effects from Covid vaccine, 7 deaths. Can we say that the mortality of Covid vaccines was higher than that of the disease itself?

Yes unfortunately. But I want to specify one thing: if a healthy person gets vaccinated, with no previous illnesses or frailties of any kind, it is very likely that nothing will happen to him, or that it will have non-lethal adverse effects. Obviously, I also witnessed the case of a teacher, very healthy, who after the inoculation felt her whole-body burn; she was eventually diagnosed with polyneuritis.

MD The catch is here: there is an obligation to report on AIFA information. But if the doctor makes a diagnosis where there is nothing to report, he has already bypassed the obligation. Of all the adverse effects you have witnessed, how many have been reported?

Not even one. I’m not the one who has to report, I can’t. The hospital doctor has to do it. But the latter does not know that it could be an adverse effect from the vaccine Covid, and even took the trouble to investigate (which they do not in any way) do not ascribe and the vaccine.

MD But why are they doing this? Has anyone “informally” imposed this taboo on him?

No. It is really agnosia: the problem does not exist for them; it must not exist.

MD But someone must have told him something. Is it ever possible, scientifically and also humanly, that all doctors in a hospital, in a univocal and uncritical way, accept and practice this agnosia?

RV Of course yes. It is the effect of manipulation.

Do you see the mass as it is? Now, if I go out and go to my neighbors, they talk about vaccines from morning to night, and they want to know if you did or not. And the beauty is that the gold in your pocket does not enter anything.

RV The obligation to report here, on the AIFA information, is a pro forma , it is on all the information.

LB An interesting word in this regard has used the the union FIMMG, when he said, “we believe in vaccines,” has become a psychological fact, a belief and therefore cannot be challenged on a rational level. It is a creed.

I’ll explain something to you. I work as a night watchman in a clinic for the mentally ill. Yesterday, an elderly nurse was talking to me about how crazy people were looked after and treated years ago, they followed a path that includeda whole range of therapies and activities; now, they keep on vegetating as in prison and when, as is obvious in such conditions, they get upset or have some problems, they are stuffed with psychotropic drugs. There are many people there in forced form, under arrest in short, and in some cases people who have managed to pass for crazy and avoid jail. I was impressed by a boy: I saw him when he entered the structure, handsome, present to himself, in the flesh, full of life; if you saw him now: very thin, walking around the structure with a bewildered air, just waiting to die, today those who enter never leave these structures. Here, I say this because the problem of the dehumanization of medicine is not a problem today,but now well rooted in the culture and daily practice of many colleagues who have been accustomed since their apprenticeship to administering drugs uncritically, beyond any rational observation, and it is from this irrational uncriticity, now common to many colleagues, that faith is born in drugs, in my opinion.

RV This is why it is necessary to completely re-establish medicine on a humanistic basis, turn it around like a sock, completely unhinge this old paradigm.

MD Among your colleagues, in the environment, I do not say believe it or not, but at least we talk about this boom of adverse reactions?

No. You can’t talk, and do you know why? You will inevitably come to say something bad about the vaccine, and you can’t. First of all, because the colleagues are all vaccinated, and therefore admitting that the vaccine is bad for them would be worth admitting to be life threatening every day. Therefore, a priori they do not accept this version of the facts: they made the choice to vaccinate themselves with their eyes closed, without inquiring beforehand, as if their health had the same value as an object bought on the street. If you speak ill of the vaccine you put them in trouble with themselves.

LB Again, the same psychological mechanism: could they ever admit to themselves that they have treated their health so lightly?

They never would.

MD This however is a huge obstacle to a possible remedy to the situation. They are carrying out a silent and dutiful massacre, protected above all by the silence of doctors and health in general, who would be the only ones who have the qualifications to give credibility to the denunciation of what is happening.

A silent and dutiful massacre: you hit the mark.

RV It is much easier to believe in this god than to start asking questions, for this reason colleagues are accomplices, and in a different, but no less serious way, ordinary people too.

Many of us have been expelled from families, by the same psychological mechanism: having all rushed to get vaccinated, now how could they admit that we are right without admitting that they have put themselves and their children in danger?

LB The situation you described is that of the spring and summer months. Now that we have entered the fall, how do you think the situation will evolve when seasonal flu viruses return? Above all, how will these viruses affect vaccinated people?

The silent massacre will continue, but most likely they will say that it was the unvaccinated who passed it on. I can tell you that many Sars-Cov2 positive swabs have been reanalyzed and it was discovered that it was influenza A and B. After all, we know that the major influenza virus is always a coronavirus. Regarding how seasonal viruses will act on vaccinated people, we cannot yet say without available data.

LB Are the data on the rate of vaccines administered in Italy consistent with what you find in daily practice?

Yes, absolutely. The majority of the Italian population is vaccinated. It’s scary for me, but that’s the way it is. And everyone thinks they are safe.

MD What is the average age of the fatal cases or serious adverse events related to the so-called “Covid vaccines” you have witnessed?

Between 40 and 70, a very wide range, as you can see.

Doctor, thank you very much. We would like to have half of your dare.

Thanks to you