Another example of DON’T TRUST THE SCIENCE.

One should ALWAYS be skeptical of experts.

VERY often they lie; especially when money is involved.

Just look at Doctor Fauxi; his companies profit from the, ahem, “advice” he gives.

Also, experts make mistakes.

Hell, I know. I’m a little expert myself.

From Vox Day:

Ice is not nice

Another old medical standby is vaporized by the evidence:

As the official old guy, you might be interested that what we were always taught to ice injuries and use the RICE protocol turns out to be as accurate advice as a low-fat high-grain diet or clear soda and crackers for a cold.

Just recently discovered this myself through this article.

The inventor of the RICE protocol has even admitted he was wrong. From the forward to Gary Reinl’s book, ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option

Almost 40 years ago, I coined the term RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.) as the treatment for acute sports injures (The Sports medicine Book, 1978, page 94). Subsequent research shows that rest and ice can actually delay recovery. Mild movement helps tissue to heal faster, and the application of cold suppresses the immune responses that start and hasten recovery. Icing does help suppress pain, but athletes are usually far more interested in returning as quickly as possible to the playing field. So, today, RICE is not the preferred treatment for acute athletic injury.

– Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Another example of something that makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it, but I never did because literally everyone my whole life told me use RICE for injuries. And of course, I advised others the same way.

I never iced anything but a badly sprained ankle, but mostly because I simply didn’t like icing. And I figured out very quickly on that the best way to avoid post-exercise stiffness was a) a hot shower, b) movement, and c) stretching. While we had ice baths on the university track team, I never once took one. I mean, why would you ever get in an ice bath when they’ve got perfectly good jacuzzis next door?


PS I had “discovered” this little remedy, all by myself, through trial and error.

When you exercise a lot, you hurt yourself a lot.

I have a weak left ankle; from a stupid stunt during teenagehood.

It twists rather more easily than the right one.

Best remedy for a twisted ankle is to walk on it, gingerly at first, then slowly faster and get the blood flowing.

Otherwise, the blood stays there and dies and becomes blue and black.

New blood equals healing.

NO expert was needed in this discovery.

PPS Many years ago I read a lot of books on health and how to slow down the aging process.

One recommendation from many books, and thus written by medical “experts”, for the public, the “average Joe”, like myself, was/is to take an aspirin a day to prevent heart diseases.

ALSO, one should become one’s own medical adviser by age 40 (a piece of advice in one of those medical books).


So, I adopted the Aspirin habit.

Two or three years ago I went to buy Aspiring at the pharmacy at COSTCO.

The aspirins were now BEHIND the counter.



But, Tylenol was on the shelf.


I asked for some aspirin at the counter..

The pharmacist asked me why I wanted aspirin; “Did I have some medical condition?”

“No, I just want it as preventative medicine against potential heart attacks:, I replied.

The pharmacists, in his white professional smock, lifted his HAUGHTY nose at me and replied that aspirin did not do any such thing.

“But, but but…”., I replied, “this is the accepted medical wisdom”.

He got REALLY annoyed by this.

“NO!” Medical SCIENCE was NOT recommending this.

I got insecure. I am no doctor and maybe, just maybe, I had misunderstood the medical advice I had read.

I went home and researched the topic on the internet.

And, OF COURSE, some medical doctors and experts DO recommend Aspirin as protection against heart disease.

Got home, cracked the books open, and Yes, of course, I HAD read that advice in some books.

I am still stung by the arrogance of the pharmaceutical expert.

PPS Of course it can be more serious than just arrogance.

The pharmaceutical expert family, the SACKLER killed many thousands of people, OVER-prescribing opioids.

The made billions over decades.

Nobody is going to jail.

They are just paying a fine.

Even the left-wing rag, THE GUARDIAN, is calling them EVIL!

Trust the Science!

Ha! Ha! Ha!