Divorcity is our Strength

“Divorcity is our Strength”

Anytime I encounter determined use of the word "Diversity", I counter with the word "Divorce-ity".

WE do not need "diversity" in this country, WE need a national divorce from incompatible people.

If the marriage was ever good, I really cannot remember, but WE are well-into the angry language lessons already and inching toward domestic violence. WE badly need a divorce before one of us kills the other. Yeah, WE tried marriage counselors, on the Right and on the Left. Mostly, they were just egging on the fights. WE even tried arbitration, but the Supreme Court refused to hear any of it.

Even Wimmin can understand divorce-ity.

WE may need a required period of separation, WE divide up the property and the States and the Military and the kids, with the bills. But in the end, WE get a Final Decree of Divorce-ity. YOU go your way and I go mine. Go and Do whatever makes you happy. Sleep with the window open, for whomever you are expecting at night. Skip breakfast and finally lose weight. Learn a new hobby, like growing your own food. Take a trip on your own. But lose my number and don’t call me anymore.


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