One year into the global totalitarian coup

Monday, 1 March 2021

Happy Birthday Birdemic: One year into the global totalitarian coup…

It was a year ago that I noticed that the global totalitarian coup had-happened; with the excuse of the Birdemic – but clearly never caused by it.

I had been expecting something of the kind for a few months; but I had supposed the fake-rationale would be some ‘climate emergency’ rather than a supposed-germ.

So… It was a bit more than a year ago that we in the UK began a three-week ‘lockdown’ – just to ‘flatten the curve’ and spread the load of cases…

Yet, of course (because this was a coup, not a disease); restrictions/ compulsions on life have never been removed and are still increasing – and this will continue.

And, of course, a year down the line; still, almost nobody has noticed the coup.

Everything has changed; yet, for the mass majority of the population; nothing has been learned.

One can perceive this indestructible obliviousness in all kinds of human interaction. And if people have not noticed yet, they never will notice.

The World is willingly, indeed aggressively, participating in a system of unconstrained lies and delusions, with no understanding and no end in sight (except, sooner or later, collapse and mega-death).

These are the plain facts of our situation: now, as then.

Therefore, there is no point is talking about "what can be done", practically, to reverse or even ameliorate the situation – because the magnitude of scale and profound depth of the global situation itself is utterly invisible and denied.

(Including by nearly-all of those who affect to address ‘the crisis’, when they are merely quibbling about sub-micro-issues.)

What has happened in the past year dwarfs in scope anything that has happened in human history: thus our main difficulty is in sheerly acknowledging and comprehending it.

Happy Birthday Birdemic.


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