Jan 6 US Capital Riot Was Staged To Secure A Trump Impeachment

Shocking: MI Senate Majority Leader Caught On Camera Confessing Jan 6 Riot Was Staged To “Secure A Trump Impeachment” — And Mitch McConnell “Was Part Of It”

by A.M. Smith a day ago

In a bombshell new video, the Senate Majority Leader in Michigan, Mike Shirkey, is secretly recorded confessing that the January 6 U.S. Capitol takeover was “staged” in order to secure an impeachment against President Trump.

He went on to claim that, not only was it “pre-arranged”, but Mitch McConnell was “part of it”.

In the video, an unknown individual asks Shirkey about the events that occurred in DC on January 6. “That’s been a hoax since day one, that was all pre-arranged,” replied Shirkley.

He then admits that the violent actors came in separately from the rest of the crowd. “They came in on separate buses, that was all, you know, you know, arranged by somebody who was funding them,” said Shirkey. “Why wasn’t there more security? It was ridiculous, it was ridiculous, it was all staged.”

When asked if DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had any influence in the situation, Shirkey said that “she’s just a puppet.”

Shirkey also said that Republican Senator Mitch McConnell “was a part of it.”

“He was the one that was part of the decision making on how much security they had on staff. I think he wanted to have a mess,” said Shirkey.

The full hour-long video was posted on YouTube by the Hillsdale County Republican Party. At some point in the conversation, Shirkey admitted that the protest “wasn’t Trump people.”


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