Based Deutschland


Based Deutschland

A German company stands firmly against the poison shots:

The management of a German construction company sent out a message to employees as follows:

“If an employee of our company is vaccinated, then his dismissal will be announced immediately! Whoever introduces unreliable vaccines, condemned by many experts around the world, jeopardizes the stability of our work processes at the enterprise! We are responsible for all employees, as well as reliable sales, timely wages and so on! We refuse to experiment with the effectiveness of our company in favor of the pharmaceutical industry! Our employees will be instructed and warned about it!

We are one team!

We have a task, the task of our company is to sustainably support the family, including our employees, and lead them through the economic crisis! Anyone who does not understand this should look for work elsewhere!

Thanks for attention!

As with the GameStop uprising, economic pressure is finally beginning to work against the Fake Elite. People are finally beginning to see that all that “free speech” and “open borders” and “free trade” and “equal opportunity” and “financial capitalism” nonsense was nothing but a Promethean attack on the foundations of the Christian West