Teams Moloch vs Team Mammon

the constant vying for power between the various power centers. American democratic politics, as per the neoreactionary model, is a low-level civil war between

the coalition of the permanent bureaucracy, media, Silicon Valley, academia, the American empire’s European satrapies, half of Wall Street, and three-quarters of the intelligence community — which you may know as the Blue Empire and I like to call Team Moloch —

versus the coalition of the US military, the military-industrial sector, the American empire’s Middle Eastern satrapies, the other half of Wall Street, and the remaining quarter of the intelligence services — which you may know as the Red Empire and I like to call Team Mammon.

In fact, if you want to get anything done, you have to throw a bone to each of these actors with varied and diverse agendas, and each seems to have veto power. By formalizing their ownership, they can now vie for power in relatively civilized ways, whether by buying and selling government stock in the open market, or maybe by engaging in open warfare, which would result in one massive instance of extreme violence followed by a long period of stability, as opposed to the current unworkable middle of 250 years of constant low-level civil war (with brief violent flare-ups during the War Between the States and the Mormon War).