The Beatles as ABORTION Doctors

The Beatles were abortionists

I am saddened to find out that the musicians of my young adulthood were … tools of the Deep State.

This, below, is from a COMMENTer at the same article on the control of the media by the US government:

This goes a long way toward explaining why so many US actors spew venom at the current US Administration at the snap of the Deep State’s blood-drenched and opium-dealing fingers; they are compelled to, paid to be other than what they are not for the cameras and many have probably drunk and doped themselves to death from the stress and private shame at having sold out their souls for the sake of the CIA dollar.

A similar book is welcome concerning how several governments, concerned that all that “black devil music” of American rock and roll, R & B and soul would undermine the US Federal and centralized governments’ influence, decided to shut down all of America’s blind pigs at the same time (a blind pig is an off-licence drinking and music establishment which gave young blacks of the 1950’s and 1960’s a place of their own to safely socialize; most were under either storefront church supervision and/or local police supervision) .

At the time of the 1967 Detroit riots, there were 15,000 blind pigs within the Motor City’s borders. Those riots too were orchestrated by the Deep State like so many US demonstrations were and are. Then (surprise!) all that Larry Williams, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Chicago Slim, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf music was being done…by white people!

The upside to that manufactured trend had an upside: for the first time, Mississippi Delta blues bands were earning royalties from those white bands’ performances and recordings. It is ridiculous to think that white rock and roll was anything other than a CIA and British Intelligence project.

The Beatles got their first gigs at the British Army of the Rhine military clubs in Germany; it was little different in the instances the Who, Hendrix (two white guys with an expendable token black as frontman and captive instructor–and himself a military veteran) and the Rolling Stones.

No one will say it out loud, but R & R never caught on in France or Francophone countries as they had already been down that road: in fact the model for the transformation of American music from a mode of expression of public emotion for entertainment into a massive juggernaut of political propaganda was based on the French experience with the jazz movement of the 1920’s up until the 1940’s especially in the case of Josephine Baker and Duke Ellington.

Germany had already had experience of the tailored government mutation of the political significance of popular music from having to deal with Beethoven, Wagner and Richard Strauss as well as the Kabaret jazz movement which is why German R & R has been and remains a “meh” moment in musical history.


Also, a picture I had never seen before; the Beatles as abortionists.

Well, there is a POSITIVE side.

I fell a bit better about John Winston Lennon’s late Post-birth abortion, now.


As in Winston Churchill, the infamous drunken War Monger?