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Be ALL You Can Be

All racist, hetero-sexist, cis-gendered, testosterone-poisoned, toxic-masculinist, Christophile White males are required to sign up and join to DIE for Globohomo, saving the Feminazis, protecting the DIE (Diversity Inequity & Exclusion) parasites and uplifting the Trannies and Affirmative Reactionary Niggardlies.


Yup! Sign me up.

I have got a spare life to lose.

Har! Har! Har! Har!

Here, at the end of the US Army psy-op video, is the real target of this propaganda: clip_image004

Come on, buddy! Only U can do it.

The Trannies, Lezzies, Faggots, Feminazis, fat slobs, low IQ Blacks & Mulla-toes and obese Black Single Mothers of the US Armed Forces ain’t gonna fight the Russkies and the Chinamen.


Be ALL you can be!

You too can become a future discarded Veteran that populate the homeless shelters of the Ole US of A, or die of a Fentanyl overdose.

IF, you have been lucky enough not to have your balls blown up in the Ukraine, in Taiwan or some other God forsaken place.


Globohomo is getting ready for WW III.

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Tone Deaf ADL

The infamous (((ADL))), you know the organization created to defend Leo Frank,


the Jewish Rapist and Murderer of Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old White girl,


and anti-Black racist against Jim Conley (“a plain, beastly, ragged, filthy, lying nigger”) and Newt Lee who he tried to frame for the rape and murder.

The (((All Defamation League))) is really tone deaf. Just listen to them:

Former President Trump also delivered remarks that were in character but still dangerous. His claims about expelling (((warmongers))), driving out (((globalists))), casting out (((communists))), and throwing out of helicopters (((those that hate America))) echo classic #antisemitic rhetoric.

Har! Har! Har!

The (((warmongers))), (((globalists))), (((communists))) and (((those that hate America))) are members of the (((tribe))).

Har! Har! Har!

Man, oh man, do (((they))) need better writers.

Aren’t these (((people))) supposed to be super smart or something?


Some Comments at GAB:

The obvious conclusion: antisemitism is right and good.

We didn’t start the Noticing … they did.

I for one support such “rhetoric”!

Only because …… forever …. warmongers, commie cunts and globalists …. have always been vermin Jews.

So …. the ADL is basically calling warmongers, communist and globalist Jews?????

Speaking against Satan is anti-semitic.

Well, this is just getting ridiculous now! Makes no sense. He basically just said that Jews are warmongers, communists, globalists, and hate this country.

Posts like these from the ADL seem to do more to reinforce suspicions people have them to disprove them.

Well that should pretty much tell you what the ADL thinks of Jews

Jew vs Jew huh …???

ADL confirms Jews are bad people.

The ADL is a bunch of assholes and are anti American dirtbags.

Did I just understand that the ADL says that Jews are warmongers, globalists, communists and generally hate our country?

Society (((they))) hate you, personally. You just happen to be in a country (((they))) control. This is why we call them ‘parasites’.

Now, there are so many of them, IsraHell is not big enough to hide them all so, enter ‘greater IsraHell’ formerly known as Ukraine

The ADL is full of Bolsheviks and socialist prick f*cks … all of them (along with most lawyers generally speaking…. should be buried alive somewhere.

The ZOG. Its Afraid.

Wish them well and escort them out of our country.

The ADL faithfully defends their money worshiping, gangster, patrons, but when do they do anything for Jews?

They really think the American are stupid.

Bolsheviks rising

He forgot perverts and paedos.

It’s always about them. Classic narcissistic behavior.

At least the folks at the ADL know that their particular tribe are warmongers, globalists, etc. …

So they have a bit of self-awareness, but they will never do anything to alter their behavior.

So, a known domestic terrorist organization admits they are, warmongers, globalists, communists, and hate our country, go figure.

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Paving the Way to the Cemetery

Educated future recipients of the Darwin Award

(for self-selecting OUT of the gene pool).


Some comments at 4-chan:

– Western women are all depressed and they don’t know why.

Why don’t you mouth breathers do something about this?

The sake of the future depends upon real men to stand up.

Stop passing the buck and man up.

Your weak attitude is destroying the fabric of society.
My answer: “real” men don’t man up and marry used up sluts.

-That’s what it’s like to be a man you dumb bitch.

– destroying the fabric of society?

The only solution to go back to what civilisation used to be.

– every single woman out there has the chance to get married in their early 20s.

She could even still get married and have one or two children, but she probably has unrealistic standards.

– 34? Too late

It IS on 4chan. Do use a VPN.

The past as prologue to the future:


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In the future, everyone will be WHITE

The WHITE Woolly Mammoth will Rule the Planet – Vox Day

First of all, despite all my criticism of corrupt modern science, modern engineering is both amazing and cool. I would absolutely love to see the woolly mammoth and other great beasts of the past brought back to life.

Second, consider the implications of the DNA match between the woolly mammoth and the Asian elephant.


When similar genes can be edited to turn an Asian elephant embryo into a woolly mammoth, then obviously it will not be much more difficult to turn an Asian embryo into a Nordic European.


Although obviously the genetic engineering could be, and will be, applied in a wide variety of directions, the immense size of the hair-color of WHITE people, contact lens that imitate WHITE eyes, skin WHITEning, and WHITE imitating plastic surgery industries make it entirely obvious that the WHITE direction will be generally preferred by parents, the world over, which is to say, which way the profitable investment is going to run.


In the future, everyone will be WHITE: blond-haired, blue-eyed, and beautiful.

Whether they want to be or not.

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Girl Bossin’ Dog Mom


Well, well, well … looks like anti White male Affirmative Reaction is not what it was cracked up to be.

This female’s dream is to become a parasitical Dog Mom?

Hey! Sign me up! I have got one life to waste.


Comments from GAB:

I Should’ve Said Yes When He Ask Me.

不好 – un –favorable – – non – – Good

Living the dream baby! 60–70-hour work week, No time for friends, wine boxes and TV dinners over NetFlix. No community, No roots. It’s what you wanted. ERA NOW!

Maybe try church? Volunteer somewhere? Go to a library? Read a book and not a screen.

Start living!

So close, but still so far away. No man is going to foot the bill for a girl to be a dog mom.

Everyone who had to read this woman’s post are the true victims here.

I honestly feel bad for modern women. They were told since middle school to get a degree and go be a boss bitch by every teacher most adults. They understandably followed that advice and are now in a shit situation. I used to make fun of them but now I sort of pity them.

So maybe “girl bossin” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Duh. I’ll take being a domestic engineer over her girl boss choice any day! And you know what stinks? She’s miserable and took stole that spot in college away from some guy who would want to work for the rest of his life.

They eat dogs, not walk them.

Yeah. That’s about right. Truth, or damn close to it. Could we say, “In the ballpark”?

Her honesty is a step in the right direction.

That’s one way to keep the Asians from breeding.

And people stop payment on their credit cards after only fans session

Use that degree from Harvard to wipe your ass!

Welcome to GloboHomo Utopia. (((for them )))

She also cries because of her 120K study loan, she voted D to get 10K forgiven, but got 20K yearly extra cost because of inflation … stupid people will never learn …

Plus, HEX debt.

Why do people like this always cry when they get what they want?

I keep saying, they have the luxury of picking almost any random, average dude and retiring at 19.

Nobody believes it until *they* say it, of course.

9 to 5 lol. What a joke. Trades are living the 7 to 7 all 7 life lately.

One less Asian kid born.

“Dog mom”


I’m in tears, I tells yah!