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My body, your slavery!

Who in tarnation does this male think he is?


Equal to a female?

Har! Har! Har!

Women’s rights means you are a slave (to their decisions) buddy.

Come on, man!

Get it up with the left-wing fascist “progressive” program.

My body, my choice!


Is EXclusive to the females.

Everyone knows that.

(((Gloria SteinHeim))) (stoned home) told us decades ago.

A woman needs a man likes a goldfish needs food every day.

Go out there and provide, man!

It’s only a 20 year long indentured servitude.

Your ancestors knew that.

They survived! So!

You did notice the “up your arse” arm sign, didn’t you?

It’s the feminazi version of fisting.

Fisting? Do look it up.

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Another “suddenly”

This will last about 10 years, I think.


Then, all these THRUST the SCIENCErs will be dead.

What new emergency.disaster.apocalypse will the “narrative” come up with then?

Stay tuned.


BC (Canada’s British Columbia) IS the most left-wing fascist “progressive” province.


There will a lot more  “suddenlies”.

Until there isn’t any, of course.


It’s going to be a long 10 years.

PS Such a  pretty girl. Brainwashed unto death. Re.Sigh!

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Suing the VAXXing doctors


REALLY good news.

Sue the medical assassins to death (the financial kind of death, of course).

Sue the corporations of doctors.

Sue ALL the politicians of voted for the deadly VAXX.

Sue Pfizer and Moderna (laws CAN be changed and applied retrospectively, in a, ahem … democracy).

Put (((Faulsi))), (((Bourla))) and (((Bancel))) on the chair (the witness chair, of course; well, let’s start with that chair).

The dead VAXXees will applaud (some will anyways); from whatever Hell they have found themselves.


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GLOAT or GIOAT (greatest idiot of all times)

Where was Anthony O’Fl..k two years ago?

He was NOT telling the THRUST the SCIENCErs to NOT behave like Totalitarian Fascists.

The COVIDiots have mocked, ridiculed, hounded, ostracized ejected from jobs and killed millions of people.

Many are still doing it.

We are supposed to treat these morons with respect?


What an imbecile.

Ridicule of the THRUST the SCIENCErs may force them to start thinking for themselves and NOT thrust the next lie of the “narrative”?

Nah, they are all busy throwing out their gas stoves.



Comments at GAB (the free speech media).

Warning! Harsh Language is used.

But … they LEGIT called for me to be locked up or even killed over it…..

fuck them.

Except people had their lives ruined or altered for NOT taking it. They acted like jerks and denied people access to all sorts of things.

lmao no. Nice try though

absofuckinglutely not. I will smash it in their fucking faces every chance I get. Enjoy heart failure everyone

after being ridiculed, threatened, denied services, excluded from places and events; and being called crazy, ignorant and selfish for the past two years?

Naw, I’m going to gloat and gloat hard.

Everyone I care about, with the exception of my husband, has taken it so I have no desire to gloat. I just pray that we won’t see the mass die off that so many have predicted.

He’s way off. It’s not pride and it doesn’t feel good to be right. Those of us who refused to take the jab tried to tell people over and over again and were mocked and ridiculed. And if you keep getting the boosters after all the bullshit, then God help you.

They are suffering from a case of Mass formation psychosis along with Stockholm Syndrome and a touch of denial and guilt. They must be treated with respect even though you wanna hit them with the biggest ” I told you so ever”.

Dear Mr. O’Flynn,

Suck my ass.

I don’t gloat on those who thought they were doing the right things taking the jab. It is the ones who did and then try to gaslight me that I will gloat on.


80 medical “suddenlies” in Canada


Well, Dr Shoe, these 80 Canadian doctors got their FOURTH shot.


Stupid to the fourth degree.

Shows you don’t have to be that smart to become a doctor.

The plus side: these 80 medical morons will not be putting the lives of their patients in danger anymore.

So, there is that.

This was on Twatter.

Let’s look at the silver lining, shall we.

Let’s see: 60 days, 80 “suddenly” medical morons; so there will 320 less such idiots per year.

The depopulation scheme will run out of steam in about 10 years; so about 3,200 less medical morons.

Finally, Canadians will be safer.