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AI & the Writer’s Strike

Yesterday evening the US union the Writers’ Guild of America went on strike. The most immediate impact of this is that all the late-night “comedy” talk shows – Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers – have gone on hiatus.

I know, I was heartbroken too.

How this may impact the already flagging entertainment industry – one which never really recovered from Covid lockdowns – is hard to predict…but also not really interesting.

Honestly, for years now the movies/television industry has had no apparent interest in actually making profits and is almost certainly propped up via government subsidies and ESG funding from companies like Blackrock.

After all, they can’t afford to let their trillion-dollar propaganda apparatus collapse into disrepair.

Maybe we’re on the verge of the great media reset.

But more interesting than that is the role artificial intelligence is playing in this narrative.

Objection to the idea of AI-generated works was reportedly one of the major – if not the major – stumbling blocks in contract negotiations before the strike.

And now, within hours of the strike being declared, we’re being inundated with headlines about AI replacing living writers. The Guardian, Global News, Hollywood Reporter, the BBC…it goes on and on.

Why? What’s the agenda here?

Do they want to replace people with Artificial Intelligence?

Do they want to scare people by making them think they could be replaced?

Do they want to convince people AI is much more advanced than it seems?

It’s impossible to know as yet, but it feels like a new narrative is being launched. Especially with the “godfather of AI” quitting Google earlier this week over concerns about the “risks AI poses to humanity”.

Watch this space.

And, in the meantime, at least James Corden isn’t going to be on TV for a while.


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Not qualified to give advice to women

Trevor Goodchild

Honestly don’t feel qualified to give advice to women aside from:

-Don’t be fat

-Don’t be an unpleasant grrl boss trying to LARP as a second-tier man

-Remain chaste with a minimum to zero notch count until marriage


Posted comments at GAB :

Don’t be fat.

Don’t be stupid.

Learn make up.

Avoid niggers.

Buy a gun :pew:

Never get emotional with strangers.

Avoid hoe peer pressure.

Know your weakness.

Bathe regularly and smell nice.

Avoid the sun cause makes u darkness.

Avoid owning a prison breed dog .

Learn to eat/cleanse right so you don’t need 95+% of makeup.

Keeping fit (not fat) and bathing was mentioned. But should always learn make up since it’s a positive modifier no matter how u look.

Buying a gun is good. Make up is fake beauty. Hygiene and avoiding *peer pressure good as well.

I thought guys don’t like makeup. Uh oh. Lol. I never wear it. You should make a tutorial.

Just liquid eyeliner. A cat eye. DO IT. Just cover your boobas.

Add in zero manipulation and bring skills that are useful.

Manipulation, for the right reasons, is acceptable.

Even when a baby’s head is sticking out of her, NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Practice situational awareness in public, like you are on safari … you are.

Stay in your lane, seek marriage mates only among your own race, even better among your own ethnic group and religion. Opposites may attract; however, similarities endure.

Raise racially aware children.

Don’t date/fuck black guys (a given) or expose yourself to black culture. It’ll show in your behaviors and will be an instantaneous turn off or lead to a demotion to mere cock fodder followed by a brutal hard next when we get bored.

1. Turn off all social media.

2. Unfuck your brain to understand running a household, raising kids, and taking care of your family is more important than being a cube slave.

3. Learn Homemaking skills and how to run a household.

Turning off social media is a big one.

I’m literally sorting through women by these failures right now:

1. Does she put her phone away or hold it in her hand/leave it on the table? If she doesn’t put it away, she is trash.

2. If I claim 1 hour of her time, does she ever move for her phone? If she does, she fails.

Don’t vote. Keep silent in church. Remember you are a helper. This isn’t your story but you’re the main supporting character in every story in your growing family.

Remember your place and find your peace.

Also, f’in clean. More important than cooking, as we would prefer to do that ourselves anyway … but still do it.

Don’t mind cleaning or cooking, *from time to time*, but women have to remember, we probably just got off an 8-hour shift, we’re not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of doing *their* job too.

And it isn’t like cooking & cleaning are particularly difficult.

That’s about all they need. Good Genetics is also recommended, but until Trevor releases the cloning technology to the rest of the world, that’s impossible.

200 years of sexology and feminist reformation and it turns out women should’ve just obeyed the Bible. I weep for the lost women’s studies (wo)man-hours, and the sammiches they could’ve been spent on making instead.

No sloppy seconds for me.

All good advice. Except let’s stick at zero.

You forgot tattoos. They’re repulsive to look at, on any woman.

I would add get rid of the Freddy Krueger fingernails.

I’d also like to add on

-know how to fkin cook

-know how to clean

There’s nothing more useless than a woman that can’t do the basics.

I’m a guy, I can cook effortlessly, I can also clean but I’m bad at it, I can also sew very slowly. Why would I need a woman that can’t do those things?

They’re the basics of living.

Changing your hair color is not a substitute for having a personality.

Here’s some advice. Women will disregard everything you’ve just said because they have zero agency over their lives. They are not people. They are property. Stop with the cuckservative faggottry and man the fuck up. Idiots like you are the reason why the entire world is in the state of affairs as it is.

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Peak “evil” Boomer America


The “evil” Boomers created this!

Vox Day: “Let’s genocide the “evil” Boomers. The day of the pillow can’t come fast enough.”

() Just kidding. Vox is getting on in age. He forgets what he said last week. This week he says:

We had no idea how good we had it as children, but we can hardly be blamed for that since we never knew anything else. But if you’re a member of Generation X, it is very important that you write your autobiography in order to leave behind some written record of what Peak America was actually like. Because what we regarded – what we still regard – as normal no longer exists. And its the micro accounts of daily life that are actually the most informative about a historical society, not the usual historian’s focus on politics, wars, and other macro-level events.

Save your elementary school class pictures. Describe what life was like in an ethnically homogenous European society. Give future generations a vision of what is possible for their children and grandchildren if they set their minds to it.

Let’s be kind and remember what Vox Day was, shall we?

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Libtard Projection

“Progressives” (sic) are well know for their psycho projection.

Projecting onto their enemies what they themselves do.


Alyssa, formally know to have sex with journalists, with penis, to get them writing positive articles about her. A slut friggin whorenalists, so to speak.

What about the MtoF Trannies, Alyssa, they have a penis.

Or, are you become a reactionary Trannyphobe? A despicable TERF?

A “progressive” zoophile sounds so much better, right?

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Toxic Femininity


Comments at GAB

\Went to a store today and was assisted by two female employees. On the way out the door I commented to my husband how sad it is that girls work so hard to make themselves unattractive. I feel sorry for guys these days. Yuck.

You’d be surprised how low some people will go.

Are you sure that’s a woman? Could go either way.

Ain’t that the truth!!! However, I have known women that just never liked the male even in the first grade. Personality I always liked the male [had six younger brothers with no sisters] so I was put off by the girls that always hung on other girls. Even if I understood by some females resent males, I still don’t understand their hatred. They are free to create their own social circle, so why spend so much time and energy getting their nickers in a wad!!

Oh, I’m sure a Tyrone will.

And some of them aren’t even women.

Ha-ha, so damn true!

… fuck … is that a “woman”, or a fucking tranny?

I’ve often thought after watching women (and it’s a stretch using that word as an identifier) at an abortion rights protestno worries sis, you’ll never need an abortion. Not even after 12 beers with the bar closing up for the night would you get a roll in the hay.

Or maybe “no one will make love to.”

That looks like a “woman”?


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Another Feminist Progress

We were told, the future was going to be female.

And … it is … in a BIG way.

Their consciousness raised by feminism, women now demand, expect, and are entitled to Mr. BIG.

Big dick, big car, big house, big salary, big bank account, big heart, big …

The Sexist Sluts in the City got theirs, so … it is now a Woman’s Right.


Feminist women are having a hard time pinning down a male who is 6 feet tall (or more), good looking (young DiCaprio level) rich ($100,000 a year minimum), well endowed (BIG dick, 8 inches long minimum), Caucasian White and willing to hitch up with a Coal Burned single slut with multi mullato offsprings.

Vade Retro! Incels, Right Wingers, Affirmative Reaction Losers and assorted non credentialed scum.

Comments at Bianca Fights the Zombies

Low value women get low value men. SIMPLE

You get what you ask for in this life, lmfao.

I’m glad they made the woman standing on the money a chink. Every Asian woman I have ever known has been the worst kind of money-grubbing whore.

I saw a couple yesterday, Asian woman White man, and the dude looked exactly like soy Jack. Scraggly facial hair, glasses, very feminine face, all of it. Poor kid.

Zombie those aren’t women, they’re gold-digging whores he brought more 1/2-ricans into our world. Tainted meat boys, stay away, it’ll ruin your health.

Sounds like liberal women are unhappy with the way their liberal soy boys look, their lack of wealth (need a job for that) and their lack “toxic masculinity“.

Wut? That’s…no, that can’t be a real article…can it?

Zombie men on the other hand are looking for a moral family-oriented woman with common sense.

LMAO! That ship sailed honey when you picked that first loser that left you a single mom. Didn’t you pay attention to the fact that 80% of blacks are raised in single mother homes? Did you think you were one of the lucky 20%?

That’s one hell of a wish list.

Coal burners will see hell before they see a man in their lives who will tolerate what they’ve done both to themselves and to their race.

That’s because they’re all losers…

What a shocker 😉