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Why College-Educated Women Can’t Find Love

College women believe that that their own college degrees are signs of status, and thus they also demand that a man has a college degree because they refuse to “settle” for a man of lower status.

Unfortunately they have failed to realize that not only are the vast majority of their degrees WORTHLESS, but that they are actually represent a HUGE devaluation of their own sexual marketplace value.

Men don’t give a give a rats ass about how educated a woman is. He’s not dating you for your brains. Your degrees mean NOTHING to him, but all of the BAD stuff that comes along with it *does* register on the scale. But it registers as a negative.

College women have student debt

College women are super-promiscuous and burn out their ability to pair bond. They cannot be good wives even if they want to settle down.

College women squander the flower of their youth and beauty in disgusting pursuits of hedonism and wicked teachings instead of getting married and starting families

College women are obnoxious, feminist, woke lefties. Even those that don’t fully slide all the way to the left are still tainted by it.

The handsome eligible bachelors snap up the few nice college girls, or grab a younger prettier girl thats NEVER been to college.

And they spurn the rest of the college guys because they aren’t “good enough”. They want alpha guys but don’t realize that they need to be alpha girls to get alpha guys.

So these college girls start going after bad boys (who did NOT go to college) to try to get that “alpha” fix.

The truth is that they don’t actually WANT the college guys that they say they want. They only demand this because they cannot bear to admit that they sold their youth and beauty for a worthless college degree.

They see younger, prettier girls getting the men THEY want and more and more angry and bitter, but they can never admit their own fault in the charade.

Which is why you have bitter feminists pushing innocent younger girls to make the exact same mistakes that they did so that they can enjoy the suffering and misery of the next generation.

It’s the “If I can’t have it, nobody can have it” philosophy.

Unfortunately, so many foolish parents haven’t yet figured out that college DESTROYS beautiful young women and they still send their children to college believing that it is the only path to success even though college degrees have been plummeting in value as the expense of college skyrockets.