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Future Angry Cat Ladies

Dreaming of babies what won’t come .. ever (pun intended).


I am of two minds about this.


They are the result of “A woman needs a man likes a fish needs a bicycle”.

The male bicycles are refusing the rotting fish.


Or, they are victims of feminism, a hate (of men) ideology propagated by mostly Jewish shrews: Gloria Steinheim, Betty Friedan … See here the Wokepedia list: i.e. the reality is worse.


Self-deluded female, drunk on their feminist privileges and their sexual powers in their 20s and hearing their biological clocks ringing a fainter and fainter sound … until it becomes … quiet.

Like the VAXX, Feminism is working … as intended.

We are going to see and HEAR more and more of these screaming harpies … until they die, of course.

Sad. Very sad.