De-Industrialization at work

I did a late in life PHD which included case studies of Boeing and to a lesser extent Honeywell.

For Boeing I had to read everything that had ever been written on the company, interview executives, machinists, engineers, go on pilot forums, etc.

I came to love this company as it had been until (((Wall Street))) took it over in 1997.

Previously Boeing executives travelled commercial, checking with pilots how they viewed the respective plane.

From 1997 it was Lear jets, the HQ moved to Chicago from Seattle, and (((buying back))) shares instead of building a new 737.

Just as the music had gone the great planes had gone.

The engineers union told me the 777 was almost perfect and the last real Boeing.
So Honeywell.

There was a blog with 880 entries from Honeywell engineers agonizing about how (((management consultants))) were destroying anything creative.