Obama loses the crowd

May I invite you, again, to frequent Gab Social (don’t have to join, but I have; special groups …  many topics).

Here, Obama loses the crowd; presumably his type of crowd, as he never spoke to any other:



This the view of Torba, the leader of Gab:

Running Gab with integrity comes at a steep cost. It is worth that cost because what we are working to build here matters and must come from a place of integrity. Here are some things we could be doing, but are not doing in order to maintain the integrity of our community and mission.
1. Banning “hate speech” to get into the app stores like Truth Social, Parler, and Rumble do. Never going to happen here, thus we are banned from both app stores.
2. Allowing p*rn like Twitter and Reddit do. Never going go happen here. Thus, we have much less traffic than Reddit and Twitter.
3. Tracking your every move and collecting as much personal data on you as possible like Facebook does. Never going to happen here. Thus, we make much less money than Facebook.
4. Censoring “fake news,” “misinformation” or whatever other nonsense terms they want to use to silence dissent. Never going to happen here. Thus, we get smeared by the press, academics, and regime elites.

I read on Vox Day, that “they” (the powers that be) have allowed Musk to buy Twitter, because all of the other gatekeeping alternatives (Parler, Truth Social …) have failed.

I don’t think Musk will turn Twitter into a real free speech platform.

Musk can not be real.

NOBODY can run four or five serious companies at the same time, be on social Media all the time, have female problems, opine on world politics, have videos of himself doing stunts, spends hours with Joe Rogan, etc., etc., etc.

Mile Mathis’s view is that Musk is an actor.