If you took the vaccine, you failed the biggest test of your life.

Global Covid Summit Declares Pandemic a Fraud, demands indictment of Big Pharma

by Miles Mathis

First published May 26, 2022

At the recent summit, over 17,000 doctors and health professionals, including a former vice president of Pfizer, called for the arrest and conviction of all those who have promoted the fake pandemic and the faux-vaccine mandates.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former chief scientist and VP of Pfizer; Dr. Robert Malone (an inventor of mRNA therapy); and Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of Baylor University Medical Center, are among the high ranking persons calling for prosecution of those responsible for the “vaccine” holocaust.

You would think that would be big news, but not even Tucker Carlson is covering it. He is more concerned with pushing the latest fake shootings on you as real, to draw your attention away from this. As I have been saying for more than two years, this issue should lead all others, since it is the tocsin of a real revolution. Tucker should be devoting all of every show to this crime against humanity, but instead he is promoting purposely botched Afghanistan pull-outs, the fake war in Ukraine, school shootings staged by the CIA, manufactured food and gas shortages (which is just profiteering by the oil companies and preparation for more GMOs), alien invasions, and manufactured race and gender wars.

Other parts of the mainstream media are doing even worse, actively slandering all these doctors. Wikipedia has rewritten their pages, slanting all coverage of them and leading their bios with the claim they are spreading misinformation. No, they are spreading correct information. It is Wikipedia spreading disinformation, or more precisely bold lies. Wikipedia is underwritten by Big Pharma and its allies, so this is what you get. Jimmy Wales and the other criminals at Wikipedia should be arrested with all the others.

If you took the vaccine, you failed the biggest test of your life. But you may survive it anyway. If you do, you had better brace for the next test, since it is coming up soon. I will give you a hint: you won’t pass it by taking a drug, doing what you are told, believing the government, believing anyone on TV, believing anyone famous and promoted, or going along to get along. You won’t pass it by switching sexes, hiding at home, keeping quiet, investing in crypto, or attacking your family or neighbors. You won’t pass it by joining a gender war or a race war. You won’t pass it by waiting around for the governors or rich people to save you. You will pass it mainly by focusing and by refusing to be diverted.