The PUTLERinflation

The Putler is a Maniac, the Russkies are EVIL narrative is falling apart.

Which brings me to the official narrative.

I think that it is finally cracking.  Here and there in the official corporate media, there are articles about some Ukrainian fakes, other articles question the wisdom to go to war with Russia over what is a dead, corrupt, Nazi country, 404.

The reports about the Russians losing a million tanks, soldiers, missiles and men are gradually being replaced with more sober assessments and the maps produced by western outlets are gradually starting to look more or less similar to the maps produced by the various “Putin propaganda outlets”.


My vote for the coming Narrative is the PUTINflation.

Will the fake news consuming  “normies” remember the soon to be old narrative?

The Evil PUTLER, War Criminal.


They have already forgotten last month’s narrative; the COVID plannedemic:

You HAVE to get a VAXX, and three BOOSTER shots!

Come on! Get your creative juices flowing.

What do you think the new narrative will be?