The NEW Narrative; what will it be?

What do you think the NEW NARRATIVE (the next one needed to scare and control the masses) will be?

It is becoming WAY too friggin obvious that Russia has won the war special military operation in the Ukraine.

The Powers That Be HAVE to come up with a new narrative. And (Thank you, Lord!) it does look like the Morons in Washington won’t be starting WWIII.

Here is my guesstimate: the PUTINFLATION.

Dr. Faulsi came out today to talk about a NEW COVID LOCKDOWN.

My view: the COVID HOAX is, now, going to fly as well as the GLOBAL WARMING scam. It is still around, BUT it has run out of steam.

So, what do you guys think the NEW narrative will be ?

Inquiring minds (well mine at least) want to know.

This below is from Vox Day; he has been a voice of reason for at least 20 years.

Why the Narrative Changed

Three days ago, I noticed that the globalist media narrative had suddenly changed. Reports of Russian complete military failures and Putin’s inevitable fall didn’t vanish entirely but were severely reduced as the focus shifted to other news. Some test balloons were even floated about the possibility that the anti-Russian narrative might be incorrect, and perhaps this unconfirmed report of the results of the recent missile strike on the base near Yavoriv is why.

$400 million worth of Western supplied weaponry destroyed in a single Russian strike on the military base near Lvov — radio intercepted comms suggest that 267 foreign mercenaries have been killed in the strike. 50-year-old Peter from Austria who fought alongside the “international legion of Ukraine” said that 800 to 1000 foreign mercenaries were present during the strike. Around 400 mercenaries were evacuated to Poland, many of whom have suffered severe burns & torn limbs from the Kalibr strike. There’s a high number of missing individuals still under the rubble which includes a high number of Americans, Poles, and Romanians. Former NATO officers are Amongst the dead.

The number of fatalities sounds absurdly high, to be honest, but even if the number of casualties is closer to the “at least 169 dead and wounded” reported by the Ukrainians, the possibility that NATO officers have already died in Ukraine will likely have installed a new sense of caution in the media’s paymasters. Especially since the airstrikes continue to target military bases in western Ukraine.

Russia again today used hypersonic Kinzhal missiles on ‘military targets’ in Ukraine, according to the defence ministry in Moscow. ‘A Kinzhal attack on a fuel and lubricants base from which fuel for Ukrainian armoured vehicles was supplied was launched from the airspace over Crimea,’ said a statement. High-precision airborne missiles also struck a training centre for ‘foreign mercenaries’ near the village of Ovruch, in Zhytomyr Region, claimed the Russians. The type of missile strike was not specified. ‘More than 100 servicemen of [Ukraine’s] special operations forces, and foreign mercenaries were killed.’

And if Russia can strike so effectively past NATO’s air defenses at will without even using its hypersonic missiles, there is nowhere in Europe where the globalist warmongers can consider themselves safe from targeted missile strikes. And now that the attempts to split China from Russia have obviously, and publicly, failed, it is safe to conclude that more countries will be openly taking sides against the globalist imperialists.