Dead Western “Lions”

The real reason why, Jason Haig , the British Lion, is back in the safe bosom of Mother England: his brave buddies have been DIS-integrated by the Evil Russkies. Jason is proud he WAS with the Ukrainian Lions.

Wise move Jason; fighting the Evil Russkies from a pub in London is much safer than fighting them from a ditch in Lviv.


UPDATE: 20:00, Mar. 13 (CEST) — In the morning of March 13, long-range precision-guided weapons struck the training centers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Starichi and at the Yavorivsky military training area, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

The Kiev regime deployed at these facilities: a training and combat training facility for foreign mercenaries before sending them to areas of combat operations against Russian soldiers, as well as a storage base for weapons and military equipment coming from foreign countries.

As a result of the strike, up to 180 foreign mercenaries and a large consignment of foreign weapons were destroyed.

On March 13, Russian missiles pounded the Yavorovo military range in Lviv Region. The range is a part of the military facility used in the area by NATO to train Kyiv’s forces in the previous years. The range is the largest in Europe and allows simulation of deployment and offensive of a tank division. The range is used by the U.S., British, and Canadian militaries to train Ukrainian army personnel.

Officially, all NATO instructors had been withdrawn from the country before the conflict began. Most likely, it was mercenaries from NATO countries who came to Ukraine to take part in combat operations against Russia. It is also likely that Kiev is speculating on the deaths of alleged NATO instructors in order to use this as another opportunity to drag the alliance into the Ukrainian conflict

After the start of the Russian military operation, the area became a hub and training center for foreign mercenaries that came to Ukraine.

BREAKING UPDATE: At Least 66 Ukrainian Army Servicemen And Foreigners Were Killed And Wounded Near Lviv

Lviv authorities claimed that at least 8 missiles hit the facility calling this as the ‘act of Russian aggression’.

This, above, is from SOUTH FRONT; do use a VPN.